sPanel : scroller panel

The sPanel extension for Dreamweaver allows you to create tabbed panels easily from an interface right within Dreamweaver.

Included Tab Styles

Select from the included 9 different tab styles in 6 different colors in 5 different shades. There are a total of 270 different variations of onboard themes, or .. you can create your own. You can also edit any of the default themes to any color variation you wish. All 270 variations come with thier own editable png file.


The sPanels can be inserted into any container element on your page including css divs or tables. They will auto fit to the width of thier container, fixed or flexible.


You can add new Panels, Remove existing panels, add new tabs to your existing panels, remove tabs from existing panels, re-arrange the order of your tabs, and even swap styles on the fly all within the sPanel interface.


The sPanel uses valid HTML and CSS markup that passes the automated Section 508 compliance and WAI checkpoints 1, 2 and 3.

Browser compatibility

The sPanel is fully supported in the following browsers..


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sPanel Scrolling Panels


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