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The iFrame Suite contains 5 extensions that are tools for the building and manipulation of iFrames. It is the most powerful set of iFrame extensions available for Dreamweaver today.

The iFrame suite has taken the hassle out of building, managing, and linking to your iFrames. The following 5 extensions allow for just about every common linking scenario you will likely need... and then some.

The Package

This extension suite package contains 5 iFrame extensions.

iFrame Manager

The iFrame Manager allows for the building of iFrames into your page from the Extension interface. All iFrames are completely editable after insertion from the default source page to the dimensions and position.

iFrame Scroller

The iFrame Scroller extension allows you to scroll iFrames (or document Frames ) from active text or image buttons just as with DHTML layer based scrollers. Completely editable and adjustable speeds.

iFrame Linker

The iFrame Linker extension allows you to target iFrames from active links very easily. The links can be inside a Frameset across Frames, from popup windows, or from a page within the iFrame itself.

iFrame Jump Menu

The iFrame JumpMenu extension allows you to target iFrames from a List Menu or a Jump Menu. Cross Frame targeting is also supported.

iFrame Pager

The iFrame Page extension allows you to page up or down the iFrame from an active link. Cross Frame paging is also supported.

The Scroller, Linker, JumpMenu and Page scripts will function across frames, from popup windows or from within the same document. ( New in version 2 )

Scroller Images

14 sets of scroller images. All of the scroller images used in the demo are included. Plus More ..

Fireworks editable PNG file

Completely editable Fireworks png files for each set of the scroller images.

PDF User Guide

42 page fully illustrated printable Adobe PDF document containing instructions for each extension.

Help Files

Completely illustrated online Help Files.

Working Samples

Working sample page serving as a quick start guide to the interface operation

Product Support

Unlimited free product support.

Support hours: 8:00am to 12:00am ( midnight ) PST 7 days a week.

Browser Support

The iFrameSuite is supported in all modern browsers. Netscape 4 browsers do not support iFrames.

iFrame Suite


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