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The DragScroller by 4Level is one of the lightest weight drag scrollers on the internet. The total weight of the DragScroller "out of box" with one content layer including all of the page elements and the code that drives it is 5.17k. If your pages are using other functions that use the shared MM_findObj function then the code weight drops to 4.75k.

The 4Level DragScroller is fully featured with an easy to use interface that is designed to help customers use the extension with ease and a minimum of fuss. The package includes all of the images and tools necessary for building Vertical or Horizontal DHTML DragScrollers.

No javascript knowledge or hand coding is required to insert or modify the scrollers' code or elements. The extension suite delivers to you the flexibility and power required of a top line extension. It allows you to insert the drag scroller and or make any changes to suit your preferences or alternatively remove the drag scroller from the document completely.


The Package contents

There are 2 sets of each of the extensions listed below in the package. One is for the main setup and configuration and the other is a helper function to assist you when creating your own custom controls and configurations.

Scroller Setup ( main extension )

Command - The Scroller Setup allows for the building of a complete DragScroller system into your page from the Extension interface. All aspects of the scroller are completely editable after the original insertion. You can change the colors, sizes, position, etc...


Behavior - The ShowContentLayer extension is used if multiple content layers are inside the scroller and/or if you are building your own controls. It allows you set which content layer will be visible and be "active" for the controls when a link is clicked.

Extras included

Browser Support

This product is supported in IE4+ and NN4+, Mac Safari, and Opera7 browsers.

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