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... { css: pure }

Do I need to know CSS to use this?

Actually, you don't. The extension creates all of the necessary CSS code from your selections in the interface. You can be confident that it will be correct every time, as well as look and function the same in all browsers.

Note: The cssLMPlus is a single level menu system. It does not support drop subs.

Roll Your Own Styles

There are 6 beautiful predefined Themes from which to choose from right in the interface, but what's even better is that you can create and save your own style Themes! Once a Theme is created, you can use it on pages in your other sites or projects. You can also, at any time, remove any of the Themes that you have created.


All menus are completely editable from the interface once they are on your page. You can change the style, colors, size of the menu buttons, menu spacing etc.. The CSS file will be updated for you automatically whenever changes are made.


The cssListMenu Plus menus use valid HTML and CSS markup that passes the automated Section 508 compliance and WAI checkpoints 1, 2 and 3.

Browser Compatibility

The cssListMenu Plus menus are fully supported in the following browsers..


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