BloomImage Viewer

The Bloom Image Viewer is a state of the art image gallery type extension with a blooming effect.

Bloom Features


Demo1 - Vertical Bloom Gallery using the included Scroller Widget.
Demo2 - Horizontal Bloom Gallery layout.
Demo3 - Split Gallery

Package contents

  1. 1 BloomImageViewer.mxp Dreamweaver extension.
  2. 1 Complete user guide with instructions in printable PDF format.
  3. 4 sets of scroller control buttons in editable .png format with instructions.

Tutorial Files

  1. 1 html workpage.
  2. 1 completed sample page.
  3. 1 css file.
  4. 7 Thumb images.
  5. 7 Bloom images.
  6. 4 Scroller control buttons in .gif format.
  7. 1 editable .png file containing 4 sets of extra scroller control buttons
  8. Complete quick start guide tutorial.

Browser Support

Works on all DHTML capable browsers, including IE5 Mac. It degrades gracefully for NS4 with a show/hide effect only.

BloomImage Viewer


extension Information

User Guide

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