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printsection - available now!

printsection...{ print sections of your page }

the printsection behavior is a very handy utility that allows you to print sections of your page, be it either a single paragraph, or a complete content div.

featured products

spanel - available now!

spanel...{ scrolling/drag tab panels }

the spanel extension for dreamweaver gives you the power and flexibility to create scrolling tabbed panels automatically from a point and click interface within dreamweaver.

ipanel - available now!

ipanel...{ easy powerful tab panels }

the ipanel extension for dreamweaver allows you to create tabbed panels easily from an interface right within dreamweaver.

the ipanels can be inserted into any container element on your page including css divs or tables. set your panels to a fixed width, or allow them to stretch and auto fit inside of any container on your page.

iframe suite

iframe suite...{ complete iframe package }

the iframe suite contains 5 extensions that are tools for the building and manipulation of iframes. it is the most powerful set of iframe extensions available for dreamweaver today. the iframe suite comes with 5 extensions for just about every common linking scenario you will likely need... and then some.

csslmplus single level css list menu

csslmplus...{ csslistmenus: automated } - single level

the csslistmenu plus is an item that dreamweaver is regrettably missing and a tool that every dreamweaver developer should have in their toolbox. an unequivocal time saver. this extension package inserts accessible cross browser/platform styled css list based menus into your pages from visual point and click selections .

ezeegallery photo

ezeegallery...{ 13 included gallery themes }

the ezeegallery photo extension package makes creating and maintaining an image photo gallery very easy. choose from one of the 13 complete predefined themes or insert the gallery into an existing page. the ezeegallery runs fireworks automatically to create, optimize and export the thumbnails to your site.


minimenus...{ 1 level dropdown menu }

don't let the name fool you, the minimenus™ is a complete menu package for your websites. use any of the included 6 style themes, each in 3 variations, or create your own using your own images and layout. powered by only 1.18k of code, the minimenus™ is the lightest code dhtml menu of its kind, and at a very reasonable price.

drag scroller

dragscroller...{ dhtml drag scroller }

cross browser, dhtml drag scroller with vertical or horizontal configuration, super light code, multiple content layer capability and complete editability from a user friendly dreamweaver interface.


ezeescroller...{ dhtml scroller }

the ezeescroller by 4level was designed for those who want a practical yet powerful scroller for their web pages. it was developed to be flexible, cross browser, have the most desirable and useful feature set and by far the lowest code weight of any dreamweaver scroller extension available today.

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we provide support for all of our extensions. if you have a question contact us


a full line of new tutorials is on the slab and will be delivering them starting early spring 2007.

the spanel - new!

our new product release of the ipanel is available now! browse through the demos

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