free extensions for dreamweaver users

windows and osx compatible all 4level extensions are windows and osx compatible.

name compatibility help files download
lightbox image viewer mx » cs5 help mxp
loadimage dw3 » cs5 help mxp
openbrowser dw3 » cs5 help mxp
fluidbrowser dw3 » cs5 help mxp
zoombrowser dw3 » cs5 help mxp
4leveljumpmenu dw3 » cs5 help mxp
pop to parent dw3 » cs5 help mxp
language redirector dw3 » cs5 help mxp
blur all links dw3 » cs5 none mxp
link to js file manager dw3 » cs5 help mxp
href utility dw3 » cs5 help mxp
put image from page dw3 » cs5 help mxp

extension manager

in order to install the extensions you will need the macromedia extension manager.

the extension manager comes pre-installed with your installation of dreamweaver however there are several versions. you need to have the correct version applicable to your version of dreamweaver.

the latest version of the extension manager will not work with earlier versions of dreamweaver so if you are using dreamweaver 3, 4 or mx (version 6 ) do not download the latest release. for all dreamweaver versions higher than 6 you should have the latest version ( 1.7 )

download from macromedia

instructions for installing extensions

for most extensions you will need to re-boot dreamweaver in order for the newly installed extension to become accessible.


dreamweaver extensions





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